Womens Self-Worth According To…

When it comes to women and their self-worth, there is often a lot of confusion. Many women are scared to talk about it, they feel as if their a burden, and some may have no one to talk to!

I know how that feels and it is not a fun place to be. But talk to God, speak to the Holy Spirit, because He listens, and He intercedes to the Father on your behalf.

The stress of your life comes in, or outside stressors make their way in, your own families, etc., and this can lead to a lack of self-confidence and feelings of worthlessness. Sometimes, I would see someone, and no matter what, she had on, or looked like, whether she had makeup on or didn’t, she walked with such self-confidence, that you just knew someone was telling her on a daily basis how beautiful she was, how needed she was, and how special she was. I didn’t know her relationship with God, but her self-worth game was on point!

Your partner, husband or maybe you’re a man, and this is you I am speaking to; it is important to understand that God has plans for all of us. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative perceptions we may have about ourselves due to societal pressures or even again, from our own families.
you must not forget that God created us with purpose and value. We’re not just here for no reason. No matter what anyone else says; he desires for us to know our worth and understand how much he loves us unconditionally.

One Way we can begin to recognize our true value, is by recognizing the gifts God has given us as individuals. every woman has unique talents skills abilities and passions that make her special in his eyes when we take time to focus on these gifts instead of focusing on what others think about us or how much we measure up against the stick these people put up for us, and if we don’t obtain this measure, they believe we are worthless and they are better than us, and my friend THAT IS A LIE.

When you begin seeing yourself through this actual truth mirror© it is going to hide all the imperfections everyone has cast on you by their words, their actions, their snubbing you, talking behind your back, and so on. But, here’s the deal; you’re going to begin to see a beautiful, capable woman, strong enough to climb any mountain and scale every wall, in order that she receive her marching orders and the Lords reward that comes with that.

Some women have volunteered at women’s shelters and built connections that God had set in place to begin with. These types of activities help to build you back up, and who ever has torn you down, or helped to tear you down, by purposely throwing words into the atmosphere, to resound forever; until you begin to say ” NO weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that has risen against me in judgment Thow shall condemn” over and again, it won’t get any better. You Must counteract these cruelties that are hurled at you. You are worth everything.
Also, it’s important to understand for women, to remember that even if you feel like a burden at home because you just don’t fit into the role everyone else wants you to, at that moment. Don’t fret, God knows your heart better than anyone else, and he wants you to live out your full potential according to his perfect plan for your life. God has great plans for you no matter the situation.
-Jonie Alcorn

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