This is gonna get Real!

A tribe, is a tribe. A family is a family! I believe in not turning on your family or tribe! In saying that, I’d rather be hurt to my face then behind my back.

I’ve come to realize that while she lay, trying to recover from all she’s been through in the past three years, that perhaps they would stand by her, rally with her; that healing hands would be her portion.

Though instead, they needed her to carry not only her broken load and self, but theirs too. As she was judged harshly for no longer being able to teach due to the afflictions, to not bring in financial support because in deed the trauma and the illness made that impossible for that time period. Her worth was income.

The broken window she’s been looking through is actually the real deal holy field, because they had lost all respect for the matriarch of the family who endured hell, to rise back to to defeat it.

See, she has (at any given time) picked them up when they’ve fallen, they were her tribe, and wiped their tears, because they were her tribe! But picking up some of these pieces for them through the year’s has been to the point of her own detriment. She prayed fervently for each of them daily. And now the matriarch is left to allow God to show and expose each and every one of their betrayals and the one thing she asks, is for the Lord to Shield her❤️heart while this plays out. One more heart break she could not bear!

The Lord was giving her dreams (which is one of her gifts) but she couldn’t figure out why she was to be punished for losing all, whilst being very sick.

Shes a soldier and it’s time to arise to the front lines. And stop waiting on the ball to drop.

Jonie ❤️

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