Releasing our frustrations

When our hopes and expectations are not met or fulfilled, it’s quite common for many of us to react with anger.

Do we have that right? Are we perfect? But…

People let us down, they don’t act as we think they ought. They don’t listen, they don’t clean up, they don’t react in proper response… then we get angry. Is it stored anger. Swept under the rug? Where does it go? IN YOUR BODY, in a harmful way. Not their body, but yours. So what is anger doing at all.

Uncontrolled anger, can lead to unhealthy and damaging responses. Such as; health issues, mental illness, double minded, etc. One I speak on often is addiction.

My revised or 2nd edition rather published book is being released this weekend. And it’s the full transparency of that part of my life.

To avoid this, it’s important to learn how to surrender these disappointments to God and trust that He will bring about a positive outcome in His own timing or separation may have to occur.

By releasing our frustrations to God, we can keep a clear mind and protect ourselves and those around us from making irrational and unwise choices. And not venting to whomever will listen. That gets us nowhere, and it gets old.

Knowing your self-worth is one of the most important areas we can work on. Especially with this subject. It means understanding your value as a person, and recognizing that you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. And anger will not take root, we give it no power over us!

However, I’ll admit it can be difficult to put this into action when someone close-to you, is taking advantage of you, or your kindness is mistaken for weakness.

You feel you have no choice, or you don’t want to destroy them by taking up for yourself. We’re going to talk more about this. It is a very important subject. This world is full of hate and anger. We don’t have to be!

I choose Joy!

Love y’all


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