Finding Joy!

Hi there, my name is Jonie Alcorn. I am a Deacon Mentor and an apostolic woman who has been Ordained through Christian Leaders College. I am also an author who has been recognized for my work on deliverance from Methadone, as featured on Radio and other platforms. My love for God and my family is unmatched, and I find great joy in helping those who are bound or lacking the joy to identify the root cause of their struggles and completely remove it. Through my teachings, I show people how to live on purpose, always striving for what is next, and not running away from their past or worrying about the future. I used to live that way for far too long, but now I refuse to do so, and I want the same for you. As someone who loves teaching and learning, I have obtained several certifications including, but not limited to, Pastoral Care, Marriage Officiant, pre and post-counseling for couples, teaching anger management, Ordained Christian Leader, Ministry Leader, women’s ministry, and home churches. Worship is at the core of my life, and I am currently teaching on what true worship means. As a life coach, entrepreneur, and prophetic voice given to me by God, I am here for such a time as this.

Who I Am

As a wife of 27 years and a mother of five, I also have the joy of being a mom-mom to four precious souls. My top priority is my home, and it is where I pour out my heart and ministry. Please understand that I only accept bookings during the times listed, as I must devote my time to my family, once a certain hour hits.
My life has been filled with various traumas, but I chose to seek joy and fight for freedom. I have a heart for the underdog and have shared my thoughts on this topic in a recent post. Overcoming these struggles has only made me stronger, and I want to encourage others to discover the passion God placed in their hearts from conception. Your unique gifts are needed in this world, and it’s time to let them shine. Let’s get real and embrace the calling on our lives.

I will be completing my Chaplaincy major and graduating once again in 2023. Our teachings center around helping individuals reclaim their God-given joy and freedom, essential to true success. It’s important to understand that joy and happiness are distinct entities. I am open about my personal struggles and traumas because it’s important for individuals to realize that being gifted in ministry or any other area of life does not guarantee a smooth journey. I refuse to be a victim and encourage others to do the same. Through the renewal of your mind, we will equip you with the tools needed to overcome past traumas and live in a state of wholeness. Witnessing others break free from their traumatic past and live joyfully is what inspires me.

Jonie Alcorn

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