My daily prompt

What bothers you and why?

So many things can bother us, right? I’ll do the positive part first, we have to overcome things that bother us – because that’s going to happen probably at least – once an hour – on the hour every day. Let’s just be real, because we know that’s what I am. And we’re human. But forgiveness is awesome. Big hearts are amazing!

BUT… we must learn to persevere and rid these things that continue to plague us, and not allow them to rule or reign in our life.

Now, one thing… I know right now… at the present moment, I have Covid. 💪🏼 Therefore, the thing that’s bothering me at present is this – coming out of nowhere. Other than – I did something major for my career and for the kingdom.

It seems as though every time I go to do something major in my life, or something big for my family or my business, I get slammed with some sort of backlash and that bothers me!!!

I believe in Jesus and that God will fight my battles, but I’m just being honest and real. I wish it was as easy as it seems for other people, to do the things that they do and just be able to do them with nothing attached to it that will harm them. So, that’s how I feel today. I Know – I know, cry baby moment. But if one thing you can always count on… is me being real.

God Bless you in abundance,

Jonie Alcorn Ministries

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